This is one for serious tea connoisseurs, with a truly remarkable collection of teas that even find their way into the pastries and desserts. There’s a Darjeeling Phuguri‑infused crème brûlée, matcha financiers and scones with a homemade TWG tea jelly. Try their macarons which come in flavors including 1837 Black Tea and Blackcurrant, Earl Grey […]

Pot Art

The idea of having hot pot when the heat is merciless may not appeal to many, so thank god for air-conditioning then. At this bright, cleanly furnished self-service restaurant, you get a choice of several different broths such as chicken; herbal; and sour and spicy, and a wide selection of ingredients such as taro slices; […]

Molly Malones Irish Pub

As they say in Ireland, this place is brilliant. Believe it or not, everything here was brought in from the Emerald Isles, right down to every brick and nail. The atmosphere can get a little raucous on weekends, and the bar is elbow to elbow with regulars. True to its roots and still a little […]