Haunting images that seem only too familiar

We’ll be the first to admit that sometimes, getting out of bed is hard. Knowing the only thing ahead of you is another seemingly endless day of work that will just blend right back into a sleepless night, before the cycle starts all over again, is hardly motivation. Sometimes, you’d just rather not do anything.

And so would Iqi Qoror. Moody paintings in tow, the Indonesian visual artist goes straight to the point with his second solo exhibition in Singapore—titled ‘I Would Prefer Not To Do Anything’. Brother, we feel you.

Opening this month, the exhibition at CBD gallery Hatch Art Project lasts from Mar 21-May 16. Qoror’s melancholic, almost surrealist works capture our deep-rooted fatigue living is today’s society—perfect commentary, as always, in the gallery’s location within the financial district. The exhibition was curated to give an intimate look into our universal state of burnout, worsened by an overwhelming culture or need to constantly project positivity.

Accompanying the show is an exhibition catalogue presented as an adult picture book, with words by local cultural critic Reena Devi weaving new life and stories into Qoror’s images.

So there you have it: The world is just as exhausted—physically, emotionally, mentally—as you. Don’t be afraid to give yourself a pat on the back for just showing up to work; it’s a 21st Century achievement.

Check out some of Qoror’s #relatable works below.

Berdiri Dengan Cara Terlentang


Seeing blind

Did You See the Rainbow

contemplating new

The Gentleman and the cage

The Bath

I Would Prefer Not To Do Anything runs from Mar 21-May 16 at Hatch Art Project. Admission is free and more information here