5 cafés in the West that you have to check out

A journey to the west may seem like a daunting task for many of us who live in other regions of Singapore, but like a true-blue Singaporean always knows, there’s much to discover when it comes to enjoying food and coffee on this Little Red Dot. Packed with their own treasured spots, the west boasts their own brand of suburb beauty and idyllic retreat.

If you’re looking for a quick respite away from the city, here are 5 cafés in the west that are totally worth the journey to.


Atlas Coffeehouse


, 5 cafés in the West that you have to check out


By the people who brought us other equally popular spots like Columbus Coffee Co., Apollo Coffee Bar, and Lunar Coffee Brewers, Atlas prides themselves on the delivery of consistent quality, seasonality, and precision. Alongside masterfully brewed specialty grade coffees sourced from reputable farms around the world, their delightful menu of hearty bites and indulgent desserts also make for satisfying meals, never failing to capture the hearts of diners regardless of their purpose to the café.




, 5 cafés in the West that you have to check out


An all-day pet-friendly café, this quaint joint offers fuss-free brunch options that highlights the pleasure of simple joys in life. Serving up a comprehensive menu filled with the likes of BBQ Cranberry Ribs and Panko Breaded Fish and Chips, diners also get to build their own brunch plates with 14 different choices of brunch essentials. Of course, for those looking for a good cup of joe, they have an equally satisfying menu of brewed and filtered options, including the unconventional Espresso Tonic (a double with tonic water).


jimmy monkey café


, 5 cafés in the West that you have to check out


All about the good things in coffee and good food, this vibrant spot was founded with a mission to share Melbourne’s acclaimed café culture with Singaporeans more than a decade ago. Serving specially handpicked blends and quality single origin coffees, the team’s dedication ensures that we get only the best from around the world, switching up house blend selections from month to month. Their repertoire of all-day dining options also showcase scrumptious sweet and savoury dishes, presenting rustic food with a delicate touch of Australia.


One Man Coffee


, 5 cafés in the West that you have to check out


Building a community of like-minded coffee lovers, the unembellished brand has gained popularity over the years for their singular dedication making good coffee with the art of espresso. Accentuated by a sumptuous selection of all-day brunch and mouth-watering pastries, One Man Coffee aims to encourage a greater appreciation for authentic coffee enjoyment and social experiences shared over their delightful offerings.


W39 Bistro & Bakery


, 5 cafés in the West that you have to check out


A pet-friendly joint nestled within the warm atmosphere of residential housing and neighbourhood stores, the cosy establishment offers honest, homely bites that are both delicious and guaranteed to elicit a sentimental smile. Challenging common perceptions of a neighbourhood café, the cheery outlet invites us to share our best moments with our favourite people, serving up fresh artisanal bread and cakes daily to complement their delicious menu of food and coffee.