Just be sure to practice enthusiastic consent

Singapore's pretty skyline, gritty nooks and quaint back alleys are great backdrops for making out, whether or not you live with your parents. Here are some of the classier ones we know, near places you might actually be for a date. Have fun!

Ann Siang Hill Park

The ambience: This spot is equal parts prettiness and convenience. Take the discreet set of stairs next to Siang Cho Keong Temple and enjoy a postage-stamp sized city park with winding paths and ample benches.
Great for when: You're on a mid-week CBD date; you’ve just had drinks at Native, or dinner at Kimme or one of the many other restaurants and bars in the area. PS. Cafe is the fail-safe choice, of course.
Watch out for: Hordes of drunk dude bros, though you can usually hear them coming from a mile away.

ArtScience Museum (Outside)

The ambience: The bay on one side, the glass and light skeleton of The Shoppes on the other, the Helix Bridge ahead (also not a bad spot), a massive concrete lotus flower overhead and an Anish Kapoor sculpture among the lily ponds that surround you. If that’s not a top urbanite make-out spot, we don’t know what is. For your info, the museum closes at 7pm and the Shoppes at 11:30pm.
Great for when: You’ve just been to the latest ArtScience exhibition, had a huge fight while shopping at The Shoppes, seen an over-the-hill rock band at MasterCard Theatres or can still stand the thought of sex after all the screaming toddlers at the otherwise beautiful teamLAB permanent exhibition.
Watch out for: Tourists.

Block 9 Lock Road

The ambience: There are make-out spots aplenty at the sprawling, leafy arts enclave that is Gillman Barracks. But the second floor of the magnificent, colonial-era main building is great late at night, when the galleries on the second floor have closed. Climb up, lean against the balcony railing, all framed by pretty arches, and make your move.
Great for when: You’re done with dinner at Naked Finn, a bit of dancing and barbecue at Art After Dark, or after a couple of unique tipples at Hopscotch.
Watch out for: Mosquitos, and other people who’ve had the same idea.

Changi Point Coastal Walk

The ambience: Ditch the family-friendly haunt that is the Changi Beach Park (there are too many pets and kids there) and head to this lesser-known place in Changi instead. It's a quiet spot surrounded by forests and the seafront, and strolling along the wooden boardwalk is the stuff of puppy love dreams. Be sure to start your jaunt from the Gosport Road entrance—it's the most idyllic point to begin and to set the tone just right.
Great for when: After a drink sesh at Little Island Brewing or dinner at Coastal Settlement and you just want to walk it all off.
Watch out for: Fauna; there are literally signs pointing out dangers of encountering crocodiles here.

(This great spot at) East Coast Park

Credit: Flickr user WL

The ambience: Everyone (and their moms) has had romantic moments at East Coast Park, but we want to make sure you know about this sweet little rocky jetty just past the National Sailing Centre, where you can watch the planes descend into Changi. It’s a bit tricky to get to. Get to camping area G, walk out to the shore, then hang a left and keep walking away from civilization until you get to the rock jetties.
Great for when: It’s not the kind of place you can visit spontaneously, so it’s actually great for an anniversary or some occasion where you really want to impress them with a fancy picnic and a smooch sesh.
Watch out for: Cockroaches that emerge after dark. And fishing uncles before that.

Fort Canning Park

The ambience: The hilltop park is full of little nooks and crannies and benches to steal a kiss or two, but we’re partial to a particular set of concrete stairs that lead down from the area behind the now-defunct Pinacotheque and which overlooks the beautiful Fort Canning Hotel.
Great for when: You’ve just had dinner at Lewin Terrace, or need a quiet spot in the middle of Neon Lights or one of those big concerts that place there from time to time.
Watch out for: Overzealous ushers/security from the music festivals and drunken festival goers getting french fries at a nearby booth.

Henderson Waves

Credit: RSP Architects Planners & Engineers

The ambience: We really hope you know about this one already. It’s not the most original spot in the world, but the glowing lights and cozy little alcoves make this overhead bridge cutting across Telok Blangah Hill Park and Mt Faber Park pretty sweet—just be prepared to share the space with other couples.
Great for when: You’ve just finished a late-night run and don’t mind a sweaty smooch.
Watch out for: CCTV cameras—especially if your affair is on the down-low.

Jewel Changi Airport (Shiseido Forest)

The ambience: This place is not only a shopping destination for all your lifestyle needs, but also an incredible indoor rainforest that’s comparable to the air-conditioned domes at Gardens by the Bay. Head down to the Shiseido Forest for a treat on the senses; we imagine that the enveloping trees, misty atmosphere and roaring 40m waterfall would set quite the scene.
Great for when: You want to let off some steam before boarding your next long-haul flight, or you just want to get it on in the middle of a rainforest, but don’t want to deal with the bugs and dirt.
Watch out for: Throngs of people there to get a glimpse of the Rain Vortex in all its glory and influencers trying to get a good shot for their #wanderlust posts on Instagram. Maybe give it a month or two.

Katong Square (Outdoor area) 


The ambience: The Katong Joo Chiat neighbourhood is a quaint one, where you’ll find plenty of romantic spots that are so isolated, they’re perfect for your little rendezvous. And the particular space around Katong Square actually boasts some dim lights during the evenings, with some seating areas and a green lawn by its side. 
Great for when: You’ve just dined at the reputable restaurants and cafes in the area, and need a discreet locale to relax and get reacquainted with your partner. 
Watch out for: Pop-up market vendors peddling handcrafted products outside the mall. 


The ambience: In case you haven‘t heard, Marquee is the shimmery new clubbing haven for nightlife maniacs. Kaleidoscopic lights illuminate the dance floor to the soundtrack of premium spins on the thumping surround system. But the magnum opus of it all would be the 8-armed functioning ferris wheel that overlooks the entire club. Taking you 25m up in the club, the Big Q guarantees that the alcohol buzz won't be the only high you’ll be feeling for the night. 
Great for when: We know what it’s like in the club; you get a little tipsy and the music spikes your heart rate. Sixes turn into tens and before you know it, you’re eyeing each other up across the dance floor. 
Watch out for: Drunken party-goers with camera phones and the crowd at the bottom of the ferris wheel, if that’s where you’re taking it. Also, don’t try to do anything on the slide; it’s just not gonna happen.

Mt. Emily Park

The ambience: If the mood strikes when you’re in the Orchard/Bras Basah area, there is the compact Mt. Emily Park a short walk away. Terraced rather than sprawling, it offers plenty of privacy. Just walk up the quiet, residential Sophia Road and climb up the narrow set of concrete stairs that appear on the right.
Great for when: You’ve been dining at Artichoke, flirting at Objectifs, dancing at Kult Kafe or having a fancy dinner at 28 Wilkie.
Watch out for: Your step.

MyVillage (Rooftop)

The ambience: This mall lying on the outskirts of Serangoon is relatively unknown, so you probably won’t bump into nosy relatives or friends here. At night, the dimly-lit space is surprisingly romantic and quiet. But you’ll have to make do with the ground (dirty, dirty), as seats aren’t provided. 
Great for when: You’ve just finished some supper at nearby Chomp Chomp. But don’t forget to pack breath mints. 
Watch out for: Poly and uni kids looking for a spot to laze around. 

Orchard Central (Rooftop)

Credit: Flickr user Hanks Lai

The ambience: Rather discreet for a rooftop location in town, this spot will allow you to oversee the cityscape while you conduct your smooch sesh. Lush greenery accompanies the partially-sheltered space, and long benches are provided for added comfort. 
Great for when: You’ve just ended a long shopping date, and need a place to rest your legs and get intimate with your partner. 
Watch out for: Shoppers and tourists popping by for a photo or two of the great outdoors.


The ambience: If your idea of a romantic kiss involves heights and city lights rather than nature, we can’t recommend this rooftop bar at Esplanade highly enough. The rooftop space is sprawling and irregularly shaped, so it’s very easy to get away from the crowds and find a quiet corner to lean against the edge and survey the city together.
Great for when: You’re having drinks, or have just been to a show at the Esplanade.
Watch out for: Your bill. Don’t forget to pay it before sauntering away from your table.

Siloso Beach 

The ambience: Host to the annual Siloso Beach countdown party and a great slew of bars as well as beach clubs, this spot is no stranger to locals and even tourists. We recommend bringing a picnic mat and a basket of wine and cheese, before hunting for a spot along the wide stretch of sandy shores that’ll please you and your date. Plus, now that Sentosa’s Magical Shores at Siloso has debuted, for at least one year, you’ll also receive some fancy evening accompaniment. 
Great for when: You’re looking to recreate the iconic (albeit clumsy) lip-lockin’ beach scene as seen in From Here to Eternity
Watch out for: Beach bar drunks and perhaps even jellyfishes.

The Padang

The ambience: One of the prettiest spots in the city is wonderfully hushed and devoid of traffic at night, especially after 9pm. You can smooch on the grand steps of the National Gallery or in the middle of the Padang, with the twinkling lights of the Esplanade and the Flyer smiling over you.
Great for when: You’ve just finished dinner at Aura, enjoyed a few cocktails at Smoke & Mirrors, or had a magical time at Odette (or one of the many other restaurants at the National Gallery).
Watch out for: Voyeurs drinking at the fancy terraces of the National Gallery.

The Pinnacle@Duxton (50th Storey Skybridge) 

Credit: Flickr user Abdelaziz Az

The ambience: One of the most iconic housing projects in Singapore, The Pinnacle@Duxton offers a whole range of amenities, though it’s mostly known for its great view. For just $5, take to the 50th storey for a little rendezvous; but don’t have it confused with the 26th storey Skybridge, which is only open to residents. 
Great for when: You’ve just topped up your EZ-Link card (that's how you pay), and want to venture somewhere central yet quiet. 
Watch out for: Security and families with young children. 

The Projector (Parking lot area)

Credit: Flickr user Cheng Kiang Ng

The ambience: Our favourite parking lot bar behind our favourite independent cinema may have closed (grab a drink from Intermission Bar instead), but the space is still a great spot for hanging out after a dinner date. The chic bar furniture may not be around to lend your session some class, but there are still the whipping breezes and distant views of the CBD and the Kallang area.
Great for when: You've just watched a heartbreaking indie film and need to be comforted.
Watch out for: Wannabe hipsters taking Instagram stories of everything.

The Punggol Settlement

The ambience: Arrive at a far-flung collection of restaurants and bars with just the right amount of crowd, but then feel free to take a walk along the nearby Punggol Promenade and find a quieter spot to do your thing. We recommend heading east towards Coney Island (but don't go in, unless you're in the adventurous mood), which is more scenic and you can glimpse at Johor and Pulau Ubin in the distance.
Great for when: You want to feel like you're not in Singapore.
Watch out for: Cyclists, joggers and speedsters on e-scooters.

Robertson Quay

Credit: Flickr user Erwin Soo

The ambience: A place to be after sundown, Robertson Quay is quite an ideal location for some frisky but safe fun, especially when compared to overcrowded Clarke Quay and Boat Quay. Benches are available, if you’re there early enough to snag one. 
Great for when: You’ve just downed a couple of wine coolers purchased from the nearest convenience store.
Watch out for: Other couples looking to do the same.

Tiong Bahru (Alleyways)

The ambience: More than the narrow, maze-like streets and low-rise Art Deco buildings, we love the narrow alleys that cut through this estate, with rows of back doors on either side. They’re quaintly pretty and Instagrammable in the daytime, but at night, in the light of streetlamps, they’re quite magical.
Great for when: You've just had dinner at Ikyu or met up at Tiong Bahru Market, or just gotten out of a racy IndigNation reading at BooksActually.
Watch out for: Restaurant workers taking out the trash.

Woodlands Waterfront Park 

The ambience: Take your friendly neighbourhood park, amplify that by three, and you get Woodlands Waterfront Park. Though the park is massive, there isn’t that much traffic on a regular day, which means you don’t have to deal with wide-eyed kids ogling you during a quick smooch sesh as long as you’ve found the right spot. Come at night and stroll along the jetty that offers a quiet view of the Johor Straits.
Great for when: A pit stop after cycling along the park trails to gaze at the golden sunset across the reflective waters. A Halal-certified local-delight eatery sits by the waterfront to satiate any hunger that’s not directed towards your lover. Alternatively, pack a picnic for two and have a romantic meal in your own private bubble.
Watch out for: Screaming kids and disapproving moms. 


The ambience: Futuristic, clean and private, YotelAir is your best shot at some intimate time if you're around the Changi area but would prefer not drop $200 on one of the luxury hotels nearby. Fiddle with the purple-hued mood lighting and queue up your bedrock playlist via bluetooth to get the bed rocking. Other amenities include an adjustable Smartbed, hourly bookings to accommodate all urges, and a rainshower for before, during and after the ordeal.
Great for when: You have time to kill before a flight and would prefer not to get into trouble with the authorities for public indecency. It’s no Fullerton and cabins run a little small but hey, you don’t need much space to have sex, right?
Watch out for: The clock, especially if you're paying by the hour.