Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife

News just broke on Saturday morning that Pokemon Go has launched in Singapore. The official Facebook page made the announcement a couple of hours ago.

The game, which involves walking around town with your face buried in your phone (aka normal daily life in Singapore), looking for the colorful creatures that appear on your screen, can now be downloaded on both iOS and Android.

We supposed it was inevitable that it would happen quickly, despite Minister Yaacob Ibrahim's comments that the Singaporean government would study the game's possible societal impact. The people had been clamoring for quite some time, with an Australian national notably getting fired for an online tirade against the island for not having it already.

Concerns about Singaporeans going Pokemon hunting in droves exist on many levels. The dangers of losing your situational awareness aside, gahmen is warning people not to trespass in pursuit of Pokemon. Businesses are already planning to use "lures" to lure consumers into their shops. Players in other countries have died in their pursuits. And Syrian refugee children also sought to give the world some perspective with this heartbreaking Pokemon Go-inspired photo series.

But that's not stopping anybody. Just try and have enough situation awareness for everyone, and, if you're gonna play, follow the very important rules laid out in the Singapore Rule Book for Pokemon Go.