But it's not all good news.

If you're on social media today, you may have already come across the second, heart-wrenching video from the Pink Dot 2016 campaign. This one tells the story of Rose, a 78 year-old trans woman, who left home after coming out to her family, worked as a sex worker on Bugis Street before winding up homeless for decades. The story ends on a positive note, with June Chua, who runs The T Project, inviting Rose to live at the project's cozy shelter specifically for trans people. 

In another small bit of good news for trans people in Singapore, the Annie Leibovitz show, Women: New Portraits, which opens today at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, includes a portrait of Caitlyn Jenner, whose portrait by Leibovitz made the cover of Vanity Fair a few months ago. 

It's not all great news, though. In a separate story that hasn't been widely reported in Singapore, a 33 year-old Singaporean trans woman received asylum in the United Kingdom this week. The woman, who is listed as male in her Singaporean identification documents and has already served national service in the past, faces reservist duties back in Singapore. The Asian Correspondent reported: "The only way to circumvent the requirement would be to undergo gender reassignment surgery, as under Singaporean law, military service is not compulsory for women or fully-reassigned transgender women, but the Singaporean has opted against it." The UK recognizes transgendered people regardless of their reassignment status.