The party of the year is back. Here’s how to last the whole night—and have a great time doing it.

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[Sponsored] ZoukOut 2015 is back in less than two weeks, with roster of A-list DJs like Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto, Armin van Buuren and Paul Kalkbrenner that will take you from dusk till dawn. A big night like this takes just a wee bit of forward planning. Here are some party tips to ensure you have the best time ever.

1. Load up on fluids. And we don’t mean beer. You’ll be outdoors, without air-conditioning, surrounded by thousands of people, dancing away to your heart’s content—it’s a no brainer that you’ll need regular hydration every hour or so. The long nights are going to be loaded with great fun. So, pace yourself if you and your party crew are drinking alcohol. There will be plenty of kiosks around, selling mineral water and soft drinks. 

2. Line that stomach. Whatever you do, don’t skip dinner. It might seem like a good idea to not jump around on a full stomach, but trust us, those calories burn off fast. As the night goes on, load up on the Mexican food and ramen that will be available at the music festival.

3. Don’t get lost. With a crowd of over 50,000 partyers expected at ZoukOut this year, there’s a high chance you will lose your friends at some point during the night. Don’t spend hours wandering around looking for them. Heineken’s iconic giant 3D face projection will probably be the most unmissable meeting point for you and your fellow party people.

4. Leave your cash at home. You don’t want to worry about taking care of loose change when you’re dancing the night away. ZoukOut is going cashless this year, in partnership with EZ-link. So load up your card (there will be top-up stations around, too). Speaking of cards, don’t forget your ID—and a print-out of your ticket—to make sure you don’t get refused entry.

5. Arrange a ride home. You have two choices, really. Either carpool with friends—but do assign a designated driver who will not be drinking at the music festival. The downside is finding a parking spot and trekking to the party grounds. The upside is you can roll out whenever you like. If you book a cab, however, do it the day before. You don’t want to be among thousands of people trying to book a cab at dawn.

6. Have a sleepover...or win one. Partying all night is the perfect excuse to give yourself a break the next day. Book a hotel room, go sharesies with friends on a suite at one of the many hotels on Sentosa. Or, you could participate in Heineken’s #PartyAsOne contest to win yourself a one-night stay at W Singapore. Have brunch by the pool before heading home once the rush has cleared.

7. Don’t forget to make memories. Taking selfies and wefies is a time-honored tradition at ZoukOut. But please don’t be that guy with the selfie stick. Better yet: to avoid blurry, drunken, low-light shots, head to the photo booth at the Heineken tent at the center of the party and get your picture professionally taken. Hint: you might just steal the limelight when your picture is projected onto the giant 3D face structure!

8. #PartyAsOne. To stay safe (and avoid getting lost), follow the Heineken motto and #PartyAsOne with your group of friends.Go for bathroom breaks and food runs with a buddy in tow. And for extra fun, leave a digital footprint with the #PartyAsOne hashtag.



ZoukOut 2015 happens Dec 11-12 at Siloso Beach. For more info and tickets, click here.



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