And here's where to catch them all.

Singapore is no stranger to the occasional block party or car-free day, but the sheer volume and frequency of street parties lately (not to mention the diversity and prestige of some of the organizations behind them) makes us think these alternative shindigs are quickly becoming the norm. Here are just some of the cool parties we've heard about coming in the next few weeks.

Keong Saik Road

Chinatown's cocktail hub delivers a one-two punch the next few weeks, starting off with the second edition of Urban Ventures, during which the street wil be closed to traffic and be awash with outdoor yoga and cardio classes, public art-making, foosball tables and other games, video art at sunset and a street dance party helmed by DJ Wong Solo. Things get even crazier in late-May when Potato Head Folk's Keong Saik Carnival comes around, with the blessings of STB's YourSingapore campaign. The all-day party will involve a street market with vendors like Gallery & Co., Kapok and Magpie as well as food by Limehouse. On the musical front, there are a slew of DJs on the roster, some of them all-vinyl, and a performance by The Observatory. Apr 30 & May 28

Emily Hill

The newish house-and-garden compound at Kult Gallery and Kult Kafe has re-energized the small-scale concert and party scene in recent months, with a steady flow of visiting and local talent. They're gearing up for a bunch of cool events in may, including the We Love Jazz party, featuring visiting Japanese bands and local musicians playing bebop and straight ahead. This is followed by a girl-rocker double-bill when Spanish band Hinds plays with Obedient Wives Club. (They've even announced that the now defunct Sundays at the Training Shed will soon have a new home on Emily Hill.) May 7 & 11


We don't know where this one is happening, but the next Under the Bridge party promises to be epic with an outdoor (covered) venue, 10 acts across two stages playing psy, techno, house, old skool rave and more, lasers and light projections and, best of all, free entry for 1,000 people. The location will be announced the day of the event. May 14


Singapore's shipping container-inspired photography gallery has really ramped up its programming in recent months, with a big series of events with specialty publisher Steidl, followed by the celebrated opening of Singapore's first Mikkeller bar. Now they're throwing Open Deck, a two-day party marketplace involving arts and craft workshops, lots of food stalls (and beer, duh) and photography. May 21