Rather than banning it, the MDA gave Jason Soo's Operation Spectrum documentary an R21 rating.

You'll recall that in 2014, local documentary filmmaker Tan Pin Pin's To Singapore, With Love, involving interviews with Singaporean political exiles was deemed Not Allowed for All Ratings. In 2015, Jason Soo's film 1987: Untracing the Conspiracy, about Operation Spectrum, was expected to meet a similar fate. Instead, it received an R21 rating for a one-time screening during the Singapore leg of the Freedom Film Festival.

If you missed that screening in late 2015, you now have a rare chance to see the film again. The Projector is showing Soo's interviews with Operation Spectrum detainees on May 10 (8pm) and May 21 (2:30pm). The MDA has given an R21 rating again, stating that "maturity will be required to understand the historical and socio-political circumstances surrounding the incident, and to discern that the film presents a perspective by the detainees."

Operation Spectrum refers to a covert security operation in 1987, in which 22 people were detained over an alleged plot to bring down the Singapore government and set up a Marxist state. Purported confessions from the detainees were televised on national television.