Enjoy a tranquil urban oasis with health benefits

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[Sponsored] Burnout. It’s an increasingly common affliction these days. Yet not many of us feel like we have the time – or energy – to address it. Which is a pity, because it doesn’t take too much to revive your senses. Here’s how you can do it in an urban oasis in the heart of Singapore.

Clear your head

A quiet walk alone in a tranquil setting is sometimes all you need to reset your energy levels. Escape from the noise and hubbub of the city as you take a stroll along One Farrer Hotel & Spa’s Reflexology Walk. Then, give those feet a rest. Foot reflexology is known to increase metabolism and improve blood circulation, and it also helps in the treatment of migraines and headaches by reducing tension in muscles. Some sole therapy is definitely a must-do to nix burnout in the bud. 

Detox with delight

Avoid large meals that put added stress on your internal organs. Eat light – lots of salads, fruit and water. Then take the recovery up a notch with a detoxifying Swedish massage at One Farrer Hotel and Spa’s lovely Spa Retreat. Utilizing the five classic Swedish massage techniques, this is a quick pick-me-up like no other. The long, gliding movements and kneading with pressure will boost your blood circulation, leaving you refreshed and vitalized.

Up your mineral game

The absorption of magnesium into our bodies is another detoxifying process which helps with reinvigorating our bodies. One Farrer Hotel & Spa has warm relaxing magnesium mineral pools to help with your recuperation process. If the serene beauty of a Japanese hot spring is more your cup of tea, then you will find the hotel’s private onsens to your liking.

Get your heart pumping

Last thing you need during your convalescence phase is to go out and run. But a good cardio workout like running delivers a buzzy endorphin rush like nothing else. Do it indoors – the One Farrer Hotel & Spa 24-hour gym is a great option – on a treadmill in comfy air-conditioning as you beat the noise, dust and fumes of the city. 

Get buoyant 

The salutary benefits of simply chilling by the pool and doing nothing can’t be overstated enough. Many a worn out soul have nursed themselves out of a burnout by lying on a deck chair under the sun in between dipping in and out. Set on an expansive desk, the Olympic-sized pool at the Farrer Hotel & Spa is perfect for whiling away a lazy afternoon with an ice-cool cocktail from the sunset bar.

Sweat it out 

Sweat your way out of a funk at One Farrer Hotel & Spa’s sauna and steam room. An intense session in the sauna flushes toxins and impurities out of your body and strengthens your immune system and will leave you blissfully relaxed. Chilling in the sauna also aids in weight loss; even a short 20-minute session can burn 500 calories. While you may not be able to shed kilos overnight, you can at least kick start the process.
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