Cin Cin

Oasia Hotel Downtown's gin bar that makes its own shrubs and specialty ice cubes.

The buzz: Designed by big-deal Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola, the wild-looking Oasia Hotel Downtown teamed up with Refinery Concepts (of Fat Cow and Bedrock fame) to turn their lobby bar into a gin-focused cocktail bar, boasting a (probably) unparalleled selection of 100 gins.

The vibe: It's hard for most hotel bars to overcome their hotel bar-ness, and Cin Cin struggles on this front, too. While there are some nice touches here—a wide street-facing alfresco area, a cute and cozy alcove on the far side of the room for low-voiced chats and some very nice teal seats—it still feels like the kind of place where Bill Murray may have a drink. No matter. Grab a seat at the bar and chat up the adorable and smiley head bartender, Fadly Sujebto, and focus on the gins.

The drinks: The range of gins, tonics and vermouths here is pretty dizzying. Martini lovers, rejoice. Much of the menu is devoted to a make-your-own-martini option. Choose from five tiers of gins (price points range from $18-26), pair it with one of 11 vermouths and homemade shrubs, topped with one of 14 bitters and then either stirred or shaken. You could live out the rest of your years trying every combo. There's a similar spread for gin and tonics, and Cin Cin stocks 13 tonics so far, from East Imperial, Fever-Tree and Eramus Bond. Too much of a newbie to make such executive decisions? Go for one of their signature cocktails, like the Earlgroni, where the gin is infused with earl grey tea. Prices start at a very reasonable $18 and don't exceed $26.

The food: The bar bites menu is brief and simple, with unoriginal stuff like truffle fries ($12) and spicy fried calamari ($14). Other options are pretty well executed, like the toothsome black cod ceviche ($20) and the pulled pork sliders (with a bit of Dijon bite, $16). Not really the kind of place where you end up staying for dinner, but you can line your gut pretty well.

Why you'll be back: You love martinis and g&ts.

Venue Details
Address: Cin Cin, #01-02 Oasia Hotel Downtown, 100 Peck Seah St., Singapore, 079333
Phone: 6385-2604
Area: Tanjong Pagar
Open since: August, 2016
Opening hours: Mon-Thu 5pm-midnight; Sun 5pm-midnight; Fri-Sat 5pm-1am
Nearest trainTelok Ayer
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