Señor Taco (CHIJMES)

Buzz: Picking up from the well-established taquería at Clarke Quay, Señor Taco's new outlet in CHIJMES is based on a classic Mexican cantina.

Décor: With simple, raw wood furnishings, long benches, hefty chairs and a high ceiling, it makes you feel as if you’ve walked into a bar in Guadalajara.

Drinks: Tequila is what it’s all about. 80 of ‘em mostly 100 percent agave, spread over four shelves and served in Riedl glasses. Blancos (clear, and bottled immediately after distillation) like Charro Silver and Magenta ($9-14 a glass/$180-215 a bottle). Then the reposados (bottled after two months to a year)—Don Julio and Aficionado are among them ($11-14 a glass/$195-215 a bottle). Then anejos (between one and three years in oak barrels) and, oh you get the picture. There are also traditional Mexican cocktails ($14) and a couple of Mexican beers—Negra Modelo ($10) being the smart choice.

Food: None of your Tex Mex nonsense. They make their own tortillas and salsas here and the quality shows. Choose from a range of botanos (starters), tacos, quesadillas, tostadas, volcanes and various specialties (most items are under $15).

Music: It’s a Top 40 and Latin kind of joint with the music videos playing on a massive screen behind the bar.

Crowd: After work drinkers and groups of friends on a night out.

Why you’ll be back: To work your way through those 80 tequilas, of course.

Venue Details
Address: Señor Taco (CHIJMES), #01-19/20 CHIJMES, 30 Victoria St., Singapore, 187996
Phone: 6337-1377 / 8139-3004
Area: City Hall
Open since: November, 2011
Opening hours: daily 6pm-midnight
Nearest trainCity Hall
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