For lovers of the King of fruits, indulge in the almost-too-sinful flavours of high quality durians at these places

You either love it or hate it – the King of fruits is known far and wide for its powerful presence, evoking reactions as strong as its distinct shell and really distinct smell.

A familiar sight in this part of the world, we’re almost certain you’ve had your share of the thick creamy flesh and rich striking flavours underneath that scary-looking shell.

Every year, as the season approaches and we start to sniff that iconic odour all around us, the excited hum of (so many) enthusiasts start to permeate our surroundings. And as we enter another season of durian goodness, we present these 7 best places to make a beeline for, to indulge in the overwhelming pleasure of durian treats.


Goodwood Park Hotel



A highly-anticipated yearly event, Goodwood Park Hotel’s renowned Durian Fiesta has made a name for itself by perfectly marrying pure durian flavours with elegance and aesthetics. A decadent feast for durian fans, it features bold D24 creations and rich Mao Shan Wang signatures.

Durian Fiesta 2022 showcases new unique offerings that are absolute must-trys, alongside their signature D24 Mousse Cake, D24 Crêpe, and D24 Puff. They include the D24 Crystal Apricot Dome, D24 Lychee Blossom Cake, D24 Strawberry Mascarpone Filo Tart, and dine-in exclusives at Min Jiang restaurant such as the Deep-fried D24 Mochi Ball and Pan-fried D24 Blue Pea Kueh Salat. Their popular Mao Shan Wang Mousse Cake and Mao Shan Wang Power Puff will only be available from 01 May onwards.

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99 Old Trees



Recently finding a new home in the Chinatown district, 99 Old Trees durian aficionados and long-time fans can now get their quality durians from this convenient durian haven or choose to enjoy a comfortable durian session in their café space with their unforgettable Stinky offerings.

On the menu are potent durian desserts, ice cream, and pastry treats. Any time you’re in the area, you definitely shouldn’t miss out on a chance to grab their signature Stinky Bowl, a potent bowl of D24 mousse, with an option to add Mao Shan Wang flesh for extra pleasure. Other not-to-be-missed highlights include their new Stinky Roll, a fluffy Swiss roll with Japanese sponge filled with Mao Shan Wang flesh, and Stinky Bomb, a delicate choux au craquelin stuffed with Mao Shan Wang.





Founded with a singular goal of highlighting the fine gourmet quality in durians, DurianBB offers a range of fresh, high quality Musang King products to durian lovers from all over the world.

Be sure to try their King-on-King MSW Durian Burnt Cheesecake or Black Gold Jumbo Mao Shan Wang Puff.


Durian Edition



The go-to durian concierge, Durian Edition provides outstanding durian offerings and a highly addictive spread of specially curated quality durians.

Their premium range of D.Lab durian treats offer highlights such as quality cheesecakes, the XO Durian Snowskin Mooncake, and Premium Mochiko Musang King.


Four Seasons Durians



A household name for Durian treats in Singapore, Four Seasons Durians is known for their novel Mao Shan Wang creations.

Elevate your durian gifts this season with creative Mao Shan Wang treats like their Charcoal Rosette Cake, Premium Durian Swiss Roll, and Mao Shan Wang Durian Mochi.


Ms Durian



A fairly recent homegrown contender of the best durian confectioneries, Ms Durian creates exquisite durian cakes and desserts with a passion.

Highlights on their menu include the 24Karat Mao Shan Wang Durian Cheese Cake, Whisky MSW Durian Cake, and luxuriously rich MSW Durian Pudding.





A time-tested brand known for their exquisite French pastries, traditional bakes, and, most famously, their irresistible éclairs.

PAUL’s newest éclair brings together their mastery of traditional french choux pastry and the rich flavours of durian. Their Gold-D Durian Eclair is filled with the flesh of the yummy D24 durian.