Your guide to ramen, sashimi and desserts at this downtown Japanese food haven.

In case you’ve been living under the rock for the past couple years, Suntec is home to more than just your favorite Lush store and the exciting new PasarBella. On the seventh floor is one of Singapore’s most beloved Japanese food enclave (and there are a lot of those lately). If you haven’t been already, here’s a guide to what you will find there.

Brought to you by the same people as Tendon Kohaku, which also has a branch at Eat at Seven, Agedoki is a pretty little place, all wooden booths, red banners and lots of natural light, making it easy to forget you are in a mall. They use good ingredients, including Nagano pork, Hokkaido Nanatsuboshi rice and lots of homemade sauces, including the demiglace. Don’t miss the shrimp-wrapped katsu.

Drop by this high-ceilinged, expansive izakaya for drink-friendly eats like Jya Jya Men, cold noodles with minced meat sauce, and the restaurant’s signature Katsuo Warayaki, a slab of smoky thick cut tuna served in a foil packet. There are also sweets like mochi ice-cream and cold Coedo draft beers to round out your meal. Dine in a relaxed black and slate gray space with good city views. 

Tendon Kohaku 

Agedoki’s sister restaurant is equally adept at deep-frying, specializing in tempura donburi, or tendon. Choose from a short list of options (regular, spicy, vegetarian, et cetera), each of which includes a generous bowl of Nanatsuboshi rice and an assortment of tempura, such as crab stick, chicken, shrimp and veggies. The secret is in the sauce. 

Nigiro Cafe is a Tokyo-based cafe that fuses Japanese flavors with Italian and French cooking. While the fusion cuisine has been done before, the chef behind the concept, Kensuke Sakai, has the distinction of being the youngest Japanese Iron Chef competitor. He's been touted as the creator of the best Caesar salad in Tokyo—a dish that includes grilled shrimp and generously sliced Parmesan—as well as eggs benedict and deux fromage cake.

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Nikunohi is a beef-focused restaurant from Tokyo. The Singapore outlet is their first and only overseas branch. Helmed by Kensuke Sakai (yes, the very same as Nigiro), the restaurant offers yakiniku meats like beef tongue Iberico pork shoulder and beef ribs. Round out your meal with small plates such as wagyu sashimi and wagyu beef curry rice.  

Most recently famous (again) for their sister outlet, Kuro Maguro at Tanjong Pagar Centre, Eat at Seven’s Maguro-Donya Miura-Misaki-Kou Sushi & Dining specializes in fresh sashimi, especially maguro tuna, salmon, swordfish and yellowtail from the Misura Misaki harbor. They've got restaurants in Yokohama, Tokyo and Kanagawa, but this is the Japanese chain's original foray overseas—with dishes of grilled magura kama and a trio of hon maguro sashimi.

The fifth restaurant to open here is Tokyo's chicken ramen chain, Menya Takeichi, which has 40 stores across Japan. Tuck into the Tokyo ramen chain's signature dish, the chicken Paitan ramen, which features a creamy chicken and collagen-infused broth. And while it's the hot favorite here, diners can also choose to have the clear soup alternative, made from bonito flakes for an umami flavor. Hearty sides include the grilled prawn with anchovy creamy sauce and the gyoza. 

Tokyo Sundubu 

Sundubu, a type of Korean stew with tofu and an assortment of ingredients like chicken, beef and clams, may not be a Japanese dish, but it has quite a following in Japan. With 35 outlets across the country, Tokyo Sundubu makes its debut here at Suntec City, offering diners over 23 collagen-infused variations. The restaurant is known for its premium, handmade tofu and the savory-spicy broth boiled with tategi, a red pepper condiment.

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