It's BYOB while they wait for their liquor licence.

Our favorite little old-school, three storey building in Kallang Riverside Park has been through many changes, starting with the closure of the cozy and cool cafe Loysel's Toy, followed by the news that Kilo Lounge would discontinue clubby parties at the beginning of 2016. Despair not, however. Their newest venture is looking mighty exciting.

Renovating the entire first floor of the building, the Kilo/Grain Traders people are about to launch Camp Kilo Charcoal Club. Opening on May 21 from 11am, the place seems to be inspired by those semi-outdoor pig-roast parties they've had in recent months. Sleuthing on their FB reveals a hipster-industrial, tile-covered open kitchen, corrugated metal fronting, outdoor grills, etc. Your typical BBQ-chic aesthetic, but we're extremely excited for yet another place for legit, smoky grilled meat in a perpetual BBQ party atmosphere.

They're currently taking reservations for groups of eight or more. Smaller groups can simply walk in. Do note that they haven't received their liquor license yet, so it's currently a BYOB situation for alcohol.