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Where to get the best craft beers on tap in Singapore
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Tanjong Beach Club
7 scenic beach bars to hang out at Sentosa
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8 top spots in Singapore to get some mouth-watering BBQ grub
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Carne Asada Taco from Barrio By Mex Out
Best spots to get your fix of Mexican food in Singapore
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Kanshoku Ramen
Where to get amazing ramen in Singapore
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All Things Delicious
8 awesome halal cafes, international buffets and other eateries to check out this Ramadan
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A Poke Theory
8 of the best and most delicious healthy lunch options in Singapore
Lean, green and awesomePart of our new SG Eats 2017.  
Truffle burger at OverEasy
Get your burger fix at these 8 specialists in Singapore
Nothing satisfies like a big juicy patty—it’s the quintessential handheld meal Part of our new SG Eats 2017.      
Emporium Shokuhin
Satisfy your sushi and sake cravings at these 8 Japanese food enclaves in Singapore
Why pick one dish when you can sample them all under one roof?   Part of our new SG Eats 2017.      
What to eat at Itadakimasu
Yes, the old Japanese food enclave at Marina Bay is now open at a new location
Samy's Curry
7 local legends known for their delicious yet affordable food
A melting pot of deliciousness   Part of our new SG Eats 2017.      
Lucky Bar
Singapore's hottest spots for some spectacular Asian-inspired cocktails
Homegrown highs Part of our new SG Eats 2017.    
Ginza Tendon Itsuki
The best tempura restaurants in Singapore
Cause nothing beats that delicate crunch when biting into a good piece of tempura.
Spring season ingredients in Japan and where you can try it here
Have a taste of spring without leaving Singapore
Wanton Seng's Noodle Bar
Elevate your Singaporean food experience at these 8 hipster hawkers
It doesn't need to be fancy to be cool Part of our new SG Eats 2017.    
How to drink sake like the Japanese
Tips from Singapore’s top nihonshu experts
Singapore's Japanese celebrity chefs
The most celebrated Japanese celebrity chefs in Singapore
Japanese cuisine will not be the same without them
Clockwise from top left: Myosin uni, Jeremmy Chiam, kakuni buns, Sandy Yeo
Singaporean foodpreneurs who’ve made Japanese food their bread and butter
From ramen bars to date-night hotspots, these home-grown talents are expanding the scene
db Bistro and Oyster Bar
6 awesome restaurants to get your fix of typical American food
Seafood, juicy steaks and of course, burgers. Part of our new Top Tables: Singapore Restaurant Guide 2017.        
Caramelized quail and mashed potatoes from L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon
The best fancy places to dine in Sentosa and Harbourfront
Extravagant, banquet-style Cantonese fare, a two-Michelin star restaurant and more.Part of our new Top Tables: Singapore Restaurant Guide 2017.