Changi Experience Studio

Aviation-themed, fully-interactive digital museum of the future

Found on the fourth level of Jewel Changi Airport, the Changi Experience Studio is a showcase and an insider’s look at what goes into running the best airport in the world, as well as an exhibition of its history and accomplishments. Spanning over 3,000 sqm, this state-of-the-art digital attraction is a celebration of the work that has gone into building an aviation icon—the entire Changi Airport Complex.

All guests are equipped with travel guides—personal interactive devices that take the form of foldable brochures with optical infrared markers for content projection—upon purchase of tickets. Touchpoints that trigger the projections are located at the kiosks and game stations throughout the studio. Additionally, a RFID chip is embedded in every travel guide, recording game points, prizes, as well as photographs taken during the visit, which can then be viewed and purchased as souvenirs.

The experience begins as guests walk through a dark Time Tunnel that recounts the history and milestones of the airport, leading up to ten interactive zones. There's the Hanging Garden, which offers seven stations to discover various aspects of Changi Airport, providing an insight of the stories behind the terminals, airside operations and other behind-the-scenes information. Meanwhile, Sky Deck is all about the edutainment, showcasing the interweaving network of flight paths from Singapore in an immersive space that aptly resembles a control room.

Interactive game zones make up almost half the journey. The Amazing Runway calls for up to 10 visitors to form two teams—harking back to a historical race between a Porsche and a Boeing 747 that once happend on the runway here—who then pit their accumulated speed and strength against the other team in a stationary cycling challenge. On the other hand, Backstage and Arena are games better geared towards single players; the activities draw inspiration from the jobs of the airport crew, such as collecting stray trolleys littered around the terminals, sorting through passengers’ baggage and matching fingerprints at immigration. Fun.

To wrap up the experience, stop by Finale for a breathtaking audio-visual journey that takes you through the past, present and plausible future of Changi. Ticket prices start from $19 per head with no limit to duration of play within the studio.

Venue Details
Address: Changi Experience Studio, Level 4 Jewel Changi Airport, 78 Airport Blvd., Singapore, 819666 Singapore
Phone: 6956-9898
Area: Changi Airport
Open since: June, 2019
Opening hours: daily 10am-10pm
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