BEAT X Studio

CBD's all-in-one high-intensity trampoline, boxing and spinning gym

Trying to balance your work life and your workouts can be a challenge. Most of us find ourselves dragging our feet to the gym to run up a storm, lift some barbells and perform the same old perfunctory motions. Sometimes we get to switch it up with an exercise band but mostly, exercise can get monotonous. 

Enter avant-garde Beat X (BXS) located at Raffles Place. The sister studio of BBOUNCE, BXS is almost like an underground club posing as a gym, illuminated only with neon lights. Forgoing your usual exercises, machines and bench presses, this chic concept gym instead offers a medley of rebounding, boxing, riding and hybrid workouts. In one of the three themed studios, take the signature Hybrid Rebounding class: where all the work happens on trampolines in place of gym equipment. Because trampolines allow for high intensity low-impact on joints, classes work on sculpting your muscles with a combination of systemic cardio, aerobic and anaerobic exercises. The studio Wonderland is tricked out in Devialet speakers which blast songs in ultra-dense accoustics, helping you get your head in the game.

No concept gym is a concept gym without the ubiquitous spinning and boxing classes; and Beat X certainly does not disappoint. In the Battleground studio, boxing classes promise a sweat-drenched boxing experience, incorporated with speed, footwork and hand-eye coordination; at the final studio Dungeon, ramp up your dopamine levels and metabolic rates with spin classes. BXS offers a contract-free pay-as-you-go model, but you can opt for a bundle for the best deal.

Venue Details
Address: BEAT X Studio, 06-03 PLUS, 20 Cecil St., Singapore, 049705 Singapore
Phone: 6535-3572
Area: Raffles Place
Open since: August, 2018
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11am-9pm; Sat 11am-2pm
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