Emporium Shokuhin

An all-in-one Japanese food enclave housing 10 Japanese dining concepts and a gourmet grocer with live seafood.

On Level One of Marina Square’s new-ish wing, Emporium Shokuhin is a 10-concept strong Japanese food enclave catering concisely to every element of Japanese cuisine possible. There’s Gyuu Yakiniku Grill for the premium grilled meats and dry-aged beef from Japan, 102-seater sushi bar Senmi Sushi for authentic bites, steaming hot pot at shabu shabu outfit Shabu Tan, and umi + vino for seafood and wine. If you’re just there to grab pastries, Japanese bakery-cafe Kohi-Koji has you covered.

For something a little more casual but no less authentic, head to their latest dining concept—the Live Seafood Market Dining makes use of the same space formerly occupied by the Emporium’s 22 tanks of seafood, replacing half the tanks with a cozy, communal seating area. Here you can pick your own premium live seafood, beef steaks and vegetables and have them cooked fresh on the spot, in the style of local, Asian, or Western grilled.

Live Seafood Market Dining

There’s a less strict focus on Japanese cuisine—veering more towards our local zi char preferences, you can (and should) order seafood like the Sri Lankan chilli crab, stingray (in onion sambal sauce), and whole Soon Hock fish in sweet and sour sauce. Unlike most seafood restaurants, the produce here is charged per piece instead of by weight, so you control your own spending. The USDA Ribeye steaks, Dragon Vegetables and Crispy Cereal Egg Floss Calamari are worth ordering too, even if you can’t pick them out yourself from the tanks. And definitely grab a draft Kirin Ichiban Frozen Beer at the open bar counter while you wait for your food.

Aside from the 10 restaurants, Emporium Shokuhin boasts a gourmet grocer selling the same live seafood and dry beef you can order at the dining area. Bring home Alaskan king crabs, Boston lobster, Japanese flounder, Scottish oysters and more; or head to the dry section of the grocer for high-end foodstuffs like limited-edition Singapore cup noodles.

Venue Details
Address: Emporium Shokuhin, #01-18 Marina Square, 6 Raffles Blvd., Singapore, 039594 Singapore
Phone: 6221-4333
Area: Central, Marina Bay
Opening hours: daily 11:30am-9pm
Nearest trainCity Hall
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