Singapore Repertory Theatre
Hit musical thriller Sweeney Todd to premiere in Singapore this November
Starring the singing voice of Disney princesses Lea Salonga
A Design Film Festival 2015
Yayoi Kusama’s feature film to kickstart this year’s A Design Film Festival
Even the tickets are polka dotted works of art
Awakenings: Art in Society in Asia 1960s-1990s
What not to miss at Awakenings, National Gallery’s new exhibition
Bring all your woke friends so they stay woke
Awakenings: Art in Society in Asia 1960s-1990s
This new National Gallery exhibition examines 30 years of art history in Asia
A collection of over 140 profound art pieces will set you thinking
Coming Up Roses (From left to right: Lorenzo Romero, Darius Oon, Emily Sia and Bruce Tan)
Budding local band Coming Up Roses is a breath of fresh air
It was not always a bed of roses for the indie shoegaze band
Hibiki Mizuno. Photo courtesy of A Weekend Affair
How do you talk about colonialism? These creatives are throwing a party
Cheat on Raffles with this two-day affair of art and alternative thinking
Phare, The Cambodian Circus. Photo by Liza Politi
Take a deep-dive into the circus arts at Esplanade’s annual Flipside festival
There's more to the circus than Cirque du Soleil.
5 great genre mashup productions to watch at the Singapore International Festival of Arts
Multiple disciplines for the price of one
Photo credit: National Gallery Singapore
Atop the National Gallery, a new exhibition plant mums can get behind
Creating home inspo and conversation about sand politics
Alan Oei. Photo credit: Portfolio Magazine
The impossible feat of being an artistic director in Singapore
In the last year of his tenure, The Substation's Alan Oei reflects on his time with the arts space
All photos by Marina Bay Sands
A guide to Wonderland at the ArtScience Museum
Get the most out of the immersive exhibition through our looking glass
Flowers by Drama Box
A new experiential performance breaks down the silent terrors of patriarchy in the Asian home
It’s the smallest gestures that affect us the most
The Phantom of the Opera World Tour
The Phantom of the Opera rolls into town again in two weeks
We’ve thought of it fondly
Myrne, first Singaporean signed by Ultra Records, on taking the international stage
From classical pianist to landing a gig at Tomorrowland
This Is What Happens To Pretty Girls
Sexual assault takes centre stage again in the next original Pangdemonium script
100 interviews later, playwright Ken Kwek pens a searing response to #MeToo
The Bunun Mountain Chorus
6 spiritual experiences coming to Singapore this April
Esplanade's A Tapestry of Sacred Music is back for its 11th edition
Chloe Ong. Photo credit: Amanda Chai
Meet the award-winning young painter who just opened an art studio in Woodlands
Subverting the struggling artist trope one ulu space at a time
Glen Wee. Photo credit: Hosanna Swee
From football amateur to F1 performer: Local singer Glen Wee’s journey thus far
The Final 1 alum dishes on his first full-length solo album
SAD: The Last Meal
This is how local chef Ming Tan interprets dystopian hawker cuisine
A look at how we’re destroying our own favourite foods
Seeing blind by Iqi Qoror
Are you burnt out and tired of life? This artist is too
Haunting images that seem only too familiar
Linger by Hazel Wu
The Artling's new AR feature lets you preview art in your home, sans the commitment
The virtual dressing room for your walls