Digital tokens will soon replace your Internet banking dongles
Major banks in Singapore gearing up for the change
Photo credit: Flickr user Robert Scoble
Amazon postponing its Southeast Asian debut
Looks like your Amazon shopping dreams will have to be put on hold.
iPhone 7 Red
This is everything new that Apple has just announced
iPhones, iPads, and Watch bands, oh my
You can now trade vinyl through Singapore's new marketplace app
Sift through hundreds of records without even leaving the house.
oBike. Photo credit: oBike's Facebook Page
Bicycle sharing is now a reality in Singapore
And you don’t even have to go to a designated spot to drop it off.
Home-cooked meals packed in an old school tiffin lunch container
Have home-cooked meals prepared by other Singaporeans delivered right to your doorstep
Alternatively, you could go over to eat with them.
A hassle-free mobile application for charities is launching in Singapore
Good causes at your fingertips.
UberEats now delivers to 8 more neighborhoods in Singapore
Calling all heartlanders.
Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video is now live in Singapore
Uh-oh Netflix, you have company.
Hungry at 3am? No problem, Foodpanda now delivers at all times of the day
Yes, they now deliver 24/7!
YEVO 1 Wireless Headphones
8 gadgets to get your techy friends this Christmas in Singapore
When all else fails, turn to technology.
nuTonomy's self-driving taxi
What’s brewing in Singapore’s tech scene?
Feels a lot like that time when Skynet took over in the Terminator series.
A new service is going to make bicycle-sharing much easier in Singapore
You don't even need to park it at a designated docking station.
Photo credit: Flickr user Robert Scoble
Amazon is finally coming to Singapore
A little bird said they’ll be launching not one, but two services here.
Kopitiam at Changi Airport (Photo credit: Flickr user Edmund)
No human interaction needed when ordering at this automated food court in Singapore
Downside: you can't ask for extra ingredients anymore.
Sneaker lovers and gym bunnies, you can now customize your Nike gear in Singapore
Next up, Singapore's own Nike Lab, perhaps?
These oh-so-Singaporean apps make Singlish fun
A bus uncle that tells you how long the bus will take and a slew of Singlish-centric emojis to express yourself.
Macbook Pro
This is how much the new MacBook Pro costs in Singapore
...and why it's worth the cash
The Foodist
For your next lunch, try these food tasting boxes curated by a Singaporean startup
Includes food items from a local Michelin-starred restaurant.
Forget driverless taxis—the transport topic du jour in Singapore is driverless buses
But will they see you waving wildly as you race to the bus stop?
Andreas Dale, Marketing Manager of Falcon PEV
All you need to know about owning an electric scooter or unicycle in Singapore
Whether Personal Electric Vehicles are legal, where you can ride them, and more.