Ristorante Bologna

Looking elegant and stylish after a revamp, veteran Ristorante Bologna is hoping to make a comeback on the dining scene. However, our dining experience showed us that there are small but noticeable areas in which the restaurant has not quite got its act together. For instance, it was only after our food orders were taken […]


What’s RA21? Well, it stands for Rational Apathy from age 21. A recent survey of over 500 people by the Political Development Feedback Group, a unit of the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports, discovered some fascinating statistics about the typical Singaporean. • 63.4 % know little or nothing about the Constitution and organs […]

Simon Webbe

Creative force behind UK boy band Blue, singer-songwriter Simon Webbe finally comes into his own with his catchy first solo album Sanctuary. One of the blessed few able to fashion a work from passion, tall and chiseled Webbe extols on his life, his pillars of strength, and his career with feverish vision and dogmatic fervor.

Skin Deep

The son of the legendary Johnny “Two Thumb”, Richard Tat has carried on in his dad’s footsteps and continues to create perpetual paintings on nature’s very own canvas: the human body. I-S sat down with Richard to ask him a few questions about what it’s like to make a living … from making living art.

Laugh It Off

Things always look better after a good laugh. We give you the rap on comedy nights.

City Secrets

The coolest bars, hidden cafes and little travel tips that will make you feel like a local in Shanghai, Taipei, Auckland, Phnom Penh and Tokyo.