The Latin Linguist

I-S chats with Dr. Piergiorgio Muzi, a professor who teaches Latin, and uncovers interesting tidbits about this seemingly “dead” language.

Like Hell It’s Paradise!

For all our manicured lawns and tidy streets, this is a big city (sorry to have to point that out). And like any urban environment, there are some places that are more hellish than heavenly. Maybe it’s the heat, or the fumes, or the crowds or the noise—or a combination of all. After years of […]

Il Gladiatore

When in Singapore, eat as the Romans do, although the ancient Romans probably weren’t as quiet as the patrons of Il Gladiatore, the new name for the Italian restaurant formerly known as Fuenti. With most of the very gracious staff dressed up in togas, and chalices adorning the tables, Il Gladiatore, thankfully, has no more […]