U-wei Bin Hajisaari

Brilliant Malaysian film director U-Wei Bin HajiSaari was in town recently for the world premiere of his short film My Beautiful Rambutan Tree in Tanjung Rambutan at the Singapore International Film Festival. The dark and bittersweet film, about sibling rivalry that turns horribly wrong, will next show at the Cannes Film Festival this month. The controversial and elusive U-Wei, who first came to our attention with his assured debut film Woman, Wife and Whore—about a wayward woman who stirs up various desires in a conservative village, way back in 1993—is arguably Malaysia’s best filmmaker. He tells Terry Ong what makes him tick.

Personal Velocity

Director Roger Donaldson tells the true story of motorcyclist Burt Munro in the film The World’s Fastest Indian, which is showing at the New Zealand Film Festival.

The Mane Man

A hairstylist for 20 years, Christopher Lim, 35, hopes to one day work in Tokyo, the region’s trendsetting city. He tells I-S how Singaporeans lag behind the daring Japanese when it comes to hairstyles and how he coped with the fashion of the ’80s.

Beginners Mode

We offer a brief introduction to the computer gaming lifestyle.

Park and Parcel

Rochester Park is the latest “it” place to see and be seen in, with each of the five tenants bringing something new to the mix.

Café Oriental

When we arrived for a weekday lunch, the place was so packed with the office crowd, the friendly and efficient service staff seated us in the neighboring eatery, though we could select our dishes from the Café Oriental menu. Kudos to service staff with initiative. Café Oriental is a new little nook tucked in the […]

Week of May 5, 2006

TAURUS (Apr 20-May 20): New Rule: During the next two weeks, you’re not allowed to think any thought or feel any feeling you’ve  experienced a million times before. If you detect one of those stale ingredients bubbling up into the mix, it’s your sacred duty to immediately substitute a fresh-from-the-garden idea or feeling that you’ve […]