Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

Despite being born in one of the poorest parts of France in the 18th century, Jean-Baptiste (Ben Whishaw, Layer Cake) was gifted with a special ability—an extraordinary sense of smell. Not surprisingly, he dedicates himself to creating the perfect perfume, and believes that this magical fragrance comes from the essence of women. Driven by his […]


Let’s get this straight: Beyonce Knowles’s (The Pink Panther) role in Dreamgirls is to play a member of an all-girl group? That’s probably the biggest stretch for a thespian since Eminem as a white rapper in 8 Mile! Oh, relax! You know we’re only kidding.This rags-to-riches-to-backstabbing story begins with the Dreamettes—Deena (Knowles), Effie (American Idol […]

Sione’s Wedding

It’s probably to be expected if your knowledge of New Zealand film does not extend beyond The Lord of the Rings trilogy. And although Sione’s Wedding is not quite the seminal film that will change that view and put New Zealand cinema on the map, it nonetheless churns out reliable gags and laugh-worthy jokes. The […]