El Patio Mexican Restaurant

For a relaxed and casual Mexican dining experience that will leave you craving for more long after you’ve undone your belt and can’t possibly fit another thing in, head straight to El Patio. Its vibe is best on the weekends, when the street is really thriving and the bars across the way are full of […]

Ju Ju Hokkaido Hotpot

We always love a place that’s cheap and good, and Ju Ju is exactly that. This stark and unassuming little eatery doesn’t look like it has much to offer from the outside—this is not a place where they’ve put a lot of time into the interior decoration or the ambiance. But all the better to […]


Kuishin-Bo has just been revamped, and we checked it out to see how it’s faring. It is brighter and more colorful now, with a larger seating capacity, but decked in modern, wooden furnishings, it still retains that signature cozy and casual feel. And if an eclectic variety of food is top on your list when […]