Nyonya & Baba

Tucked away in a corner of VivoCity is this Peranakan restaurant which is pleasantly furnished with little Peranakan touches (think old‑world‑looking colored tiles and dark wood tables). We got a lovely corner table and somehow everything felt right—it wasn’t phony, noisy or overcrowded. The food here was also pretty good. The papaya titek was a […]

Buono Pizza Bar & Ristorante

It can be a bit hard to get to, but Buono (Italian for “good”) is a worthy find. The ambiance here is rustic and laidback—blending right into the neighborhood’s vibe. The menu at Buono Pizza Bar is quite extensive with a good selection of pastas, pizzas and wines. We settled for the Portobello with crab […]

Stiff Chilli

From its name and location right down to its quirky décor, Stiff Chilli, a branch of a restaurant chain which originated in Bali, oozes an offbeat charm rarely found in our local dining scene. One of the novelties at this year‑old unassuming trattoria is definitely the burata Parma ham ($22 for two to three persons), […]