Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant

This Japanese restaurant is the latest addition to this respectable city hotel with its popular J Bar and Café 2000. The restaurant felt promising when we stepped in for lunch—there was a bit of a buzz, the food looked good and we got a nice, spacious table. But things were spotty from there. While nice […]

OTTO Ristorante

Replacing Le Papillon, Otto Ristorante is certainly one of the chicest restaurants in the area. Mood lighting, plush seats and carpeting, and smooth piped-in jazz music ensure that the vibe here is strictly professional. You want to be a little dressed up when you come here. Upon our arrivals, we were properly ushered to our […]


For the record, we had to make reservations a week in advance to dine at this cross-cuisine restaurant. And for good reason too, because the food is divine. The simple décor, with a single gold or black starfruit on each table, belies the elaborate and complex cuisine. Shibaken serves French Japanese fusion cuisine in degustation […]