Tanjong Beach Club

The buzz: After months of gestation, dingy-cool container bar, The Shack finally metamorphosized into the retro-luxe Tanjong Beach Club (TBC), bringing sexy back to Sentosa. The decor: If you’re familiar with nightlife and dining stalwart The Lo & Behold Group’s stable of offerings like Loof, The White Rabbit and OverEasy, you’d know that these guys […]


There are many good things about ION Orchard, but Canton-i is not one of them. This is the antithesis of a chilled-out, value-for-money eatery; the tables pack diners in like sardines (take your date somewhere else, please), the décor tacky and the food overpriced. Despite all this, the place was packed when we trooped in […]

Keisuke Tokyo

Hidden away in a little enclave of Japanese restaurants up on the third floor of Parco Marina Bay, Keisuke Tokyo does take a little effort to find. It looks like your typical, casual Japanese eatery, but once you step through the noren, you’re welcomed warmly by the staff, who give you a sheet of paper […]