The buzz: A Chinese restaurant out in the ‘burbs (that’s not part of a chain, thank you very much) with nice surrounds at very affordable prices. The vibe: Think updated Chinese furnishings (minus the tackiness) with dark reds, black and gold. The food: They specialize in comforting, unpretentious Chinese dishes. The pig trotter fried bee […]

Most Original Burgers (MOB)

Some days, we just want a good burger. So when MOB opened up, we thought we’d give it a go. The place is pretty much what you would expect of a typical diner in the States—white table tops and bright orange chairs, with a mobster theme thrown in. But we didn’t come here for the […]

Swirl Art

After all this time, still our favorite froyo spot. Forget self restraint and create your very own customized dessert by choosing from 10 different flavors like mango, apple, passion fruit and taro (yam) and over 20 toppings. We derive an immense amount of satisfaction from overloading swirls of rich and satisfying chocolate frozen yogurt with […]

Miki Yo!

Miki Yo! is definitely one froyo joint to watch out for. While they may not have as much variety as Swirl Art (original and their specialty flavors such as green tea), they do what they do well. We simply love their tagline and gamely took their advice to “go with the fro, yo!” Swirls start […]


What’s not to love about a self serve frozen yogurt joint? Mix and match flavors (raspberry pomegranate, blueberry acai and green tea) and toppings (fruity pebbles, waffle crisps and organic granola) for a yummy yet healthy treat. Be sure to give their red velvet cake flavor a go. If you’re in the area, why not […]


The ambiance isn’t anything to shout about, but the friendly service and fab selection of ice creams and sorbets should win you over. Locally inspired flavors like Mao Shan Wang durian and Gila Melaka, a fragrant gula melaka (palm sugar) ice cream with nuggets of chewy attap chee (palm seeds) get our vote, while alcohol […]

Tom’s Palette

This quaint (read: tiny) ice cream shop has done so well for themselves, they’ve expanded their premises. Flavors in their portfolio include tangy basil, tofu & dates, pumpkin & winter melon, rosemary-apple, caramelized onion and even seaweed. Less adventurous types can stick with equally gratifying flavors like Granny’s Favorite or Melt & Sizzle, studded with […]


You’ve gotta love a gelato store that dares to experiment with flavors, at the risk of facing the wrath of an angry Italian. There’s sakura (cherry blossom), ginger and rose; and a noteworthy lavender gelato, with great texture and subtle flavor (unlike others we’ve tried that make us feel like we’re eating potpourri). The lemongrass […]