New gelato parlor Coccogelo to open in October

A new gelato parlor, Coccogelo (#01-01, 89 East Coast Rd., 6345-3646) is expected to open in October along the main drag of Katong. Expect a cozy, intimate space with hospitable owner J.J. scooping out balls of frozen treats. I scream, you scream, we all scream for some (Italian) ice cream.

Vincci SoMa

Experience a blend of modernity, comfort, functionality and style at one of the most revered hotels in Madrid. At your disposal is a cozy room with a fireplace for warmth while you read, a gym to break some sweat, a Play Station for your gaming entertainment and spacious bathrooms that were creatively decorated to evoke […]

The Hotel Urban

As its name implies, the height of tech-savvy cool can be experienced here. The hotel incorporates cutting edge architectural designs with contemporary artwork from Papua New Guinea and the Museum of Egyptian Art becoming of maximum and truly urbane impact. A really interesting feature is the complex lighting system that caters to your changing moods.

Westin Palace

Once deemed as the biggest and most luxurious hotel in Europe back in 1912 when it was first erected, Hotel Palace has housed legends like Mata-Hari, Picasso, Dalí, Orson Wells and Hemingway.