Botak’s Backyard opens for business

The popular Botak Jones enterprise has decided to venture into Dempsey, with their new offering, Botak’s Backyard (130E Minden Rd., 6509-1225) opening today, Oct 8. So those of you craving their scrumptious burgers can enjoy them in a decidedly more hip location.

The Red Eagle (Insee Daeng)

The last Insee Daeng epic saw Thailand’s then sweetheart Mitr Chaibancha die during its making, falling off a flying helicopter: instant legendary status guaranteed. 40 years later, award-winning director Wisit Sasanatieng (Tears of the Black Tiger, Citizen Dog) resurrects the mythical hero. Not surprisingly, the release has been preceded by plenty of excitement and anticipation, […]

Sage’s Achingly Tender Beef au Gratin; Dessert Ministry Opens

You know you should be eating less, drinking way less, or at the very least exercising when your clothes are threatening to rebel. Unfortunately, the only kind of running I’ve been doing is from one appointment to another or chasing after cabs—in heels, no less.  It’s been a blur of festivities, and it’s not over […]