Jeff Mills’ Latest Release Goes Intergalactic

The famed techno DJ/Producer is releasing his latest artist album, The Power come this April. I am a big fan of his work, particularly with his sci-fi, grubby tech, swirling effect distinctive sound. No one does an outer-galaxy vibe better than the 38-year-old; just look at his previous two albums The Sleeper Wakes and The […]

The Adjustment Bureau

The work of the late author Philip K. Dick is something of a box office gold mine. Blade Runner, Total Recall and Minority Report—all critical and financial successes—are among the films adapted from his writings. The Adjustment Bureau, with its fascinating premise, looked to be in line to join the list.Imagine if everything attributed to […]

La Maison Moves Out

If you’ve been to La Maison you’ll know how tough it is to reach the chic club. After three years of being party-goers’ favorite secret joint, the club has decided to move out from its current location into a new space yet to be confirmed. Nasen Xavier, Chief Operating Officer says, “This move will revive […]

Top 10 Things To Do In March

The annual Mosaic Music Festival rolls out this month, but that’s not all there is to do in Singapore—here are all the highlights.