REVIEW: Timbre Rock & Roots 2011 (Day 1)

Directors’ chairs at the front for the old folk, standing party at the back. But seriously, what kind of music festival has a barricaded area for seats? Surely one doesn’t sit down to a Rock & Roots gig. And this is the first time we’ve come across a music festival that segregates one audience from […]

Aliya (Mandarin Gallery)

If you’re looking for fashionable sterling silver jewellery prices, Aliya has a great selection. Embellished with semi-precious hand-cut gemstones, the pieces are perfect adornments for your outfits. Blockprinted apparel, fashion accessories and woolen stoles are also available.

Willow Stream Spa

Feel the knots in your back untangle as you relax in this luxuriant space for the harried city professional. The spa’s design makes you feel like you’re completely shut out from the frenzy outside, with sunken baths and an earthy color theme. Their menu is also uniquely experiential, targeting glamorous ladies, high society couples and […]

The Tamarind Spa

This boutique spa for women and men offers facials, a selection of massages like Javanese, deep tissue and lymphatic drainage, renewing scrubs, body wraps and the unusual belly button candling.

St. Gregory at Marina Mandarin

The newest spa in the St. Gregory group specializes in traditional Chinese therapies such as the Tui Na Massage and Chinese acupressure facials. Their Imperial Herb Wrap uses Chinese medicine and natural sea salt to expel dampness, dispel wind and detoxify.

Spa Sauvignon

This little space near Arab Street uses wine in its signature treatments. The smell of their scrubs is to die for but the real draw is that this retreat has a wine bar where you can have a little tipple afterwards.


Spaboutique is an ideal stop when your legs are aching from a manic shopping spree. This place feels more like a friend’s home than a spa and we love the warm, nostalgic feel of the place, which truly captures the essence of Singapore. Their signature treatment is the two in one rose and lavender scrub […]

Spa Cabana Pte Ltd

A spa specializing in a range of soothing massages for rejuvenating aching muscles, catering more to a male clientele.

Spa Botanica

The signature treatment at Singapore’s top garden spa is the Beaufort Touch massage, which incorporates the use of long, languid massage movements and firm pressure. Situated on an island away from an island, Spa Botanica is set in the dense, lush greenery of Sentosa. Its products are made from100 percent natural sources and are paraben-free. […]