REVIEW: Music Matters 2011

May 28, Clarke Quay. You know what music festivals are supposed to present: Many bands performing on several stages and the bittersweet dilemma of which of your favorite bands to catch or miss because of clashes in performance times.What Singapore lacks in terms of space for multiple stages, Music Matters tried to make up for […]

Pernod Ricard Rides Out Designated Driver Campaign

To promote responsible drinking, Pernod Ricard Singapore has rolled out the DD (Designated Driver) campaign. From now till Jun 23 at 20 bars and clubs (including Harry’s, KPO, Timbre and Overeasy), anyone who takes on the role gets free food and non-alcoholic drinks all night, or a $50 petrol voucher. Look for the page “Stomp […]

Sia Huat Pte Ltd

This is the shop that chefs and restaurants hit for all their tools of the trade. You’ll find everything from pasta‑making machines and kitchen utensils, to an array of glassware and pots and pans.

The Inn at Temple Street

Occupying five restored shophouses, The Inn is a boutique hotel rich in heritage. The area, once occupied by Straits Chinese trading houses, lends the hotel inspiration in its design.

The Saff Hotel

Characterized by Asian‑Middle Eastern‑style furnishings, this hotel will appeal to those who fancy contemporary and understated style. Free WiFi is available in its 79 rooms.

Rose Citron

This boutique‑in‑a‑shophouse is like a breath of fresh air. What you’ll find are bags designed with colorful fabrics and interesting motifs. Since everything is hand‑sewn, only a couple of pieces per design are produced.

Books Cellar

With Stephen King and a pool table in one place, this is where you can get intoxicated with alcohol, the wonders of a book, or both. Limited‑edition and autographed collectibles, as well as browsing copies (bookmarks provided) are noteworthy. If you feel peckish while reading, Mom’s Favourite Apple Crumble ($4.50) will fill the void.

Kung Fu Panda 2

It’s rare that a trip to the cinema proves to be anything but predictable these days, so surely another outing with Po would involve jokes about gluttony, being unfit and a geeky love of martial arts, right? Well, yes, but what you don’t see in the trailer is this film’s tremendous heart.Po (Jack Black) is […]

Stevie General Store

This one‑year‑old collectibles store and fashion boutique is a treasure trove of arts and antiques, books, eyewear, lamps, tin toys, watches, silverware and every other item imaginable. The owners handpick all the stock themselves, sourced from all over the world including Japan, London and the US.

Oakham Market

Oakham Market is literally an underground vintage boutique. Green and white walls, parquet floors and neatly arranged racks of apparel bathed in warm lighting greet you at the bottom of two flights of stairs. The spacious layout of the store makes for a pleasant shopping experience, where items are conveniently sorted into three categories—Thrift, Premium […]