SPORT B. Concept Store

The buzz: After their successful Voyage, agnès b.’s more vibrant SPORT B. collection gets a proper home right in the heart of Orchard Road. The vibe: Vintage Moroccan tiles are used in the flooring, complete with a raw range of furniture and shelves which create an edgy aesthetic not entirely in line with the clean […]

Mabul (The Flood)

Thirteen-year-old Yoni (Yoav Rotman) is about to have his Bar Mitzvah. Puberty has forgotten about him and he remains scrawny with an unbroken voice while his schoolmates tower over him. He does homework for them for a fee which he uses to buy a body-building mass gainer. Yoni’s parents do little for him; his father […]

Four Lions

Given enough time, the most horrid of experiences can become funny—when we look back on our stupid decisions, our terrible choices and our misinformed actions, cringes can eventually turn to smiles as we reflect on our idiocy. Four Lions makes us laugh at terrorists and the concept of jihad, even as they remain an ever-present […]