Korat Thai Cafe

Thai food—you either love it or you stay the hell away from it. If you’re in the camp of the former, do us a favor and drop by this tiny yet bustling eatery. The location itself is enough of a conversation starter; the infamously seedy Orchard Towers, and Korat is a great spot to indulge […]

Big Bad Wolf

Another recent arrival to the lively artery that is Tanjong Katong Road, Big Bad Wolf lives up to its unusual name with quirky décor and a light-hearted vibe. Before we ordered we were quite taken by the casual, down-to-earth attitude of the service staff; they treated us like old friends. The menu here isn’t expansive, […]

How to Maximize Your Money at a Buffet

1. Prep really should start at least a full 18 hours before the big event, it helps if you think of it as a food/booze marathon. Make sure you have a light dinner the previous night, or better yet, skip it altogether.2. Sleep and wake up early. If the brunch starts at noon, you’ll want […]