Sultans of Spice: A Kampong Glam Walk

Ever wonder what Singapore was like before the British arrived? Wend your way through Kampong Glam as you learn about the history of the spice trade and ancient tales of Singapore’s Sultans.

The Tipple Exchange: A Singapore River Walk

Combining an historical walk with a pub crawl, The Tipple Exchange brings you down Boat Quay and the Singapore River, revealing the slightly shadier side of Singapore’s history. Be regaled by tales of the country’s greatest criminals and underhanded traders while you toss back a couple of fine brews. 

Secrets of the Red Lantern

Chinatown is called the “place of nightless days” and on this walk you’ll find out why. Hear the tales of vice and sorrow as you explore the notorious red light district while the bright bustle of Food Street lets you experience the night market in full force. 

Changi WWII: A Changi Museum War Trail

Changi is synonymous with the war in Singapore. From the Sook Ching massacres on Changi Beach to the various POW camps that littered the area, this walk will give you a poignant look into the harsh lives of the soldiers and civillians in those turbulent times. 

Of Dali, Barley & Hadhramis

Walk down one of Singapore’s trendiest nightlife spots and learn about its lesser known and often peculiar history. Revel in the tales of the river guardian and the fall of the old ice house as you sample some of the best craft beers at the local breweries. 

The Bank Bar + Bistro

Get beers for for $8.50 ($12.50 a pint), house spirits for $8 and house wines at $9 a glass.