DE Camera Consultant

Having been in the industry for more than a decade, Philip Tay has vast experience in resuscitating cameras that pre-date the digital age. Repairs here start from $150 depending on complexity.


We all understand the need for express services when our beloved iphone, ipad or Wii suddenly fails. One of the fastest ways to get Apple products and gaming consoles fixed is at PlayUrConsoles, with on-the-spot repair services to help you understand the process, and even special consultation services after 7pm for trickier issues. Prices are […]

Adroit Data Recovery Centre

Panicking because all your photos have just disappeared from your hard drive? One of Asia’s leading homegrown data recovery service providers, the guys at Adroit Data Recovery Centre offer a full suite of data rescue solutions starting from $200. Evaluation is free and takes between one to three working days. Free pick-up services are also […]


One of Singapore’s largest chain bike stores, Treknology Bikes 3 stocks some of the most reliable bike brands from Trek and Gary Fisher to Mirraco and Merlin. Its knowledgeable staff are active veterans in the local cycling scene and will answer questions about everything from bikes to good cycling areas to fitness information.


The design team has been consistently churning out photo-based printed tees with evocative images over the last three years. Highlights this season include photomontages of city skylines from across the globe.