The Straits Wine Company (Quayside Isle)

You’ll find a wide range of fine wines from around the world at this prominent  wine distribution chain, whether you’re a casual drinker or a connoisseur. Enjoy special off-the-shelf prices when you pick a label to drink on the spot.

Little Provence (Quayside Isle)

If you love Provence’s specialties, this retail store will delight you with its wide selection of olive oils, truffle delicacies, tapenades, artisanal jams, chocolates and excellent wines.

Jasons The Gourmet Grocer (Quayside Isle)

An exquisite gourmet shopping paradise for luxury aficionados, this marketplace carries niche, epicurean brands from around the world to satisfy discerning palates.

Hera Beauty Salon

This beauty salon is dedicated to provide excellent customer service with its quality hair, nail and spa sessions, along with reputable beauty products amidst an enjoyable atmosphere. Wedding consultancy services are also available for couples preparing for their big day.