Page 3: Wear What You Dare

It’s National Day, guys, and we’ve rounded up a helpful, fun, almost certainly ill-advised list of characters to dress up as to make the NDP a bit more colorful than usual. 

Machine for (Living) Dying In

Singaporean artist Micahel Lee’s latest solo exhibition explores the ideas of memory and fiction. The title piece of the exhibition is inspired by quotes from architects Le Corbusier (“A house is a machine for living in”) and Douglas Darden (“A house is for dying”). A tour of the exhibition will be given be Lee himself […]

Notes to Self

The mixed media works featured in this group show explore the interactions between thoughts of the individual and the finished product. Artists include embroiderer Issiyana Suhaimi, mixed media artist Su-Jin Dorcas Ng (Kidcucumberinc) and painter Simon Ng.


The works of esteemed indigenous Australian artists Wakartu Cory Surprise, Nyuju Stumpy Brown and Walka Molly Rogers will be showcased at this exhibition. Their body of work reflects the lives of Aboriginal women before interactions with the kartiya (whitefella), and portray the landscape and history they were accustomed to.

Jimmy Ong

Famed charcoal artist Jimmy Ong returns with a new exhibit.

Mid-Autumn Festival @ The Gardens

The festival will feature a range of traditional activities to celebrate the mid-autumn festival. Expect to see crafted lanterns, catch song and dance performances and sample mooncakes. The celebrations begin earlier on weekends, starting at 3pm.