Asia’s hottest hotels

With this many spectacular hotels around Asia, you’ll never run out of places on your travel wish list. Here are a few of the most achingly beautiful hotels in the region. 

The Gathering with Tenacious D – Live in Singapore

The self-proclaimed “Greatest Band in the World”, Tenacious D, is coming to Singapore. Composed of musicians and actors Jack Black and Kyle Glass, the rock band has recorded three albums, starred in their own eponymous television series and even released their own film titled Tenacious D In the Pick of Destiny. 

Carvers & Co. Pop-Up

The East Coast bistro is undergoing a revamp so in the meantime, they’ve set up a CBD pop-up store so you don’t have to miss your fix. On the menu are ciabatta sandwiches made with gammon ham, cheddar, tomatoes, pickles and wholegrain mustard and a beef steak with caramelized onions, cheese and lettuce, as well […]

Naiise Christmas Pop-Up Store

Online clothing, homeware and accessories boutique Naiise is having a pop-up store in the lead up to Christmas. There will be food stalls and seasonal menus from The Cajun Kings, Park Bench Deli, Morsels, Burnt Ends, Artichoke and Kith Cafe, as well as products on sale from over 150 local and international designers including The Blend & Press Co, La Bruket, Hej Juni […]