Layers of Light

Lighting design studio Nipek transforms the main entrance of the National Design Centre with traditional Japanese washi paper. This interactive installation plays with light and shadow, and is lit by daylight during the day but by LED lamps after dark.

Sekali Cats

Fierce all-female spoken word group Sekaliwags perform at a cat cafe, surrounded by adorable rescues. The show is already sold out, but checking in on their Facebook page may yield positive results.

From Noon Till Night

Local electronica bands Fzpz and MXNDKRFT will perform among intricate graphite-on-paper pieces by local artist Dawn Ang at this all-day, all-night show.

Book Club: The Rape of Nanking

This bimonthly book club that discusses fiction and non-fiction works through a woman’s perspective is led by the Singapore Committee for UN Women. This time, there will be a discussion of ‘The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II’, a book that talks about rape, torture, and murder of more than 300,000 Chinese civilians […]

Alpha Beta Cufflink

Just before CNY, the otherwise uppity cocktail bar is throwing a spring-break themed party with DJ Benny at the decks. There will be college era (whose, we’re not sure) remixes and cocktails with fratty names like Jungle Juice. Their Facebook page recommends togas.

Fifty Years of Singapore Design

As one of the main highlights of Singapore Design Week 2015, this exhibition celebrates Singapore’s 50 years of design, including architecture, multimedia, industrial, fashion and interior design.

Nude Seafood

A healthy and affordable seafood restaurant in the CBD that's especially great for the lunch crowd.

Whisk & Paddle

A riverside cafe in Punggol serving up the works: from breakfast to pastas and pizzas and booze.