Viewpoints & Suzuki 101

This workshop for both actors and non-actors aims to cultivate an awareness to sensory details, and encourages mental stamina, endurance and focus. This training by Scott Wings, when viewed holistically as a way-of-life, can be an eye-opening experience akin to yoga and martial arts. 


This participatory performance art piece by Indonesian artist Syagini Ratna Wula invites artgoers to release their inhibition by smashing plates – one for those with anger management issues. 

Improv 101

In this improvisation workshop with Arnaud Pierre, participants are free to explore as many characters as they can. The holistic coverage of improvisation basics also ensures a deeper understanding of playwriting and storytelling techniques, as well as sharpening directing skills. 

Jack Tan: How to do things with rules

London-based artist Jack Tan repurposes the gallery into a platform for social, legal and artistic activities that aim to test and reveal how aesthetics and social contexts influence customs, rituals and learned behaviours. Highlights include a one-to-one life coaching session that explores the value of an art school approach to life and work. 

Spectral Arrows

Filipino artist Marco Fusinato presents an improvised durational performance for guitar and electronics, playing with his back to the audience for a non-stop 8 hours, filling the gallery with ascending feedback, walls of harsh static and atonal collisions.


At this interactive art show, multidisciplinary artist Marco Fusinato invites visitors to strike a 46 meter-long wall with a baseball bat to generate a noise equivalent to the sound of thunder. Referencing popular representations of violence in film and television series, Fusinato aims to explores reverberative noise’s dual qualities of destruction and perfection, and its […]