Bryson Andres + Duke of Andres

YouTube’s famous electric violinist, Bryson Andres and Japan’s top classical anime pianist Yui Morishita, team up to perform together for the first time in town. With unique self-styled and outstanding techniques, expect to savour aesthetic of classical and contemporary vibes.  

23rd Israel Film Festival

This edition of the film festival has a woman-focused theme with six Israeli films. On the roster are films like Tayla Lavie’s dramedy about female soldiers completing their military service in Zero Motivation (followed by a post-screening discussion); GETT – A Trial of Viviane Amsalem, a film about a woman’s five year-long struggle to get a […]

The Spirits Play

A production by The Finger Players, this play the revolves around Japanese spirits reflecting on the events of WWII and its aftermath. 


Directed by award-winning playwright Chong Tze Chien, this dramatic production revolves around the basic human need of food. It delves into the different perspectives and processes of the story of life and the cycle of our dependence on food.