H.O.D’s New Cocktail Menu Launch

H.O.D presents its new cocktail menu with Alvin AuYong, Adam Fraser Gray and Ryan Rhodes. Small bites like six minute sriracha eggs, fried cauliflower and seafood ceviche will be served.  Cocktails are $15.

PAINTED SEASONS: Times for Hunting and Food Gathering

Eva Nargoodah showcases a collection of 15 colorful paintings on canvas for her first exhibition in Singapore. Nargoodah’s work focuses on the seasons and many of her paintings were inspired by Australia’s Christmas Creek, where she grew up.

The heart and soul of Sicilian food

Learn to cook at The Godown with the South Italian Chef Lino. Influenced by the Greeks, Spaniards and Arabs, guests will learn to cook South Italian dishes like pasta with anchovies, almond and pistachio semifreddo and other dishes. Sample his cuisine at the end of the session.  Contact: [email protected]