RALLY: We Can! Arts Fest!

We Can! Arts Fest! is host to a line-up of visual exhibitions, workshops, music, and performances by artists and activists. You can expect talented young dancers from United World College, music by Adia Tay and Lincoln Lim, poetry from Stephanie Dogfoot, a workshop discussing female superheroes in comics and more.

Soul and Sensibilities

This is a collaborative exhibition between photographer Kwek Leng Joo and master painter Lin Lu Zai. This year-long project of the two artists will display the intricate combination of two different mediums, calligraphy and photography. The photography by Kwek will reveal the soul of nature and the strokes and calligraphy by Lin will add a […]

Balancing the World

A Singapore-based Australian artist Belinda Fox will showcase her latest art pieces such as watercolor paintings and ceramic sculpture focusing on human and nature.

10 Years of BooksActually

The city’s much-loved indie bookshop turns 10 this year, and presents you a unique exhibition that explores what home means to book lovers.