15 minutes with Chef-Owner Dylan Ong

As our culinary scene develops and we get to indulge in a growing range of new experiences, we can’t help but be intrigued by the progressively innovative ways that the contemporary generation of chefs have been approaching their cuisines. Known for his experimental style and techniques that showcase the colours of French cuisine with a […]

Binge on The Kettle Gourmet’s new YUMI corn stick snacks

What’s poppin’? Home-grown F&B startup The Kettle Gourmet just dropped a nostalgic range of corn stick snacks! Made with real corn grits, the new YUMI corn stick comes available in three flavours – Original, Cheese, and BBQ Chicken. Each stick is an explosion of savoury and sweet all at once, featuring a soft, airy crunch that […]

Get clear skin and a healthy gut with G-NiiB Immunity+

Experiencing a sudden eczema flare-up that you don’t know how to deal with alone? Perhaps it’s high time to hit the reset button on your gut health and hop on board the probiotics train to boost your gut barrier! One crucial trigger of dry, itchy skin is an imbalance in gut microbiota. Research has shown […]