Convenient water-saving hacks for busy households

There are a myriad of ways in which we as a community can contribute to a more sustainable water future. Incorporating simple habits into your daily routine, such as reusing water and purchasing water-efficient fittings and appliances, can help save water. Collectively, they can make a significant impact to our environment.  Every drop counts; you […]

Ready to live with the new Love, Bonito?

Chanel Miller in Ivy Satin Button Down Shirt, Natalia Scoop Neck Fitted Top, and Anh Pleated Straight Leg Pants

Hands up if you own something from Love, Bonito. Even if you don’t, chances are, you’ve heard of the brand. The homegrown womenswear retailer has come a long way, from a simple blogshop in 2006 to a thriving multi-million dollar business today, and not to mention one of the most recognisable brands in Singapore.  Love, […]