Visit museums and local heritage sites virtually as #SGCultureAnywhere continues

Continue exploring what Singapore has to offer as the National Heritage Board expands its list of contributions to the #SGCultureAnywhere initiative.

Apart from partaking in challenges, games and activities, go on virtual tours of Singapore by museum and trail hopping online. First, step into an Old New World as the National Museum of Singapore’s exhibition goes digital with vivid images of artefacts and informative curator notes. Simply click on the various icons to view the exhibits and uncover two centuries of international trade that culminated in the events of 1819.

, Visit museums and local heritage sites virtually as #SGCultureAnywhere continues

Next, travel across the Coromandel Coast and learn more about Tamil heritage with the Indian Heritage Centre; hear tales of the Tamil community and how their lives began in Singapore. Then, take a trip down Orchard Road as the Orchard Heritage Trail reveals lesser-known stories about the local shopping district. You may not be able to head to town for some retail therapy during this circuit breaker period, but you can certainly embark on a digital exploration of the area to discover its storied past.

Last but not least, discover interesting facts about the Cavenagh, Anderson and Elgin Bridges, which are actually the three most historic and architecturally impressive bridges that span the Singapore River. We shall not give away any spoilers, though you should know that these monuments have recently clinched a national accolade.

Plus, the NHB is about to take several of its upcoming festivals and programmes online, so look forward to Ramadan Together activities as well as digital editions of the #OnxOnRayaFest, Wan Qing Dumpling Festival and Singapore Heritage Festival. Now, who said we can’t have fun at home?